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practice areas: Wage & Hour Concerns

Wage & Hour Concerns

For Employers and Human Resources Professionals.

The Firm assists employers in developing policies and practices to prevent claims with the Department of Labor and Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. This includes classification of employees versus independent contractors, and employees exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act versus employees not exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Firm has also defended businesses who have had claims relating to Wage and Hour concerns filed against it.

For Employees.

The Firm assists employees in asserting their rights under both Michigan and Federal law, to ensure that they are paid for the work that they do.  Employees who are misclassified as “exempt” from the Fair Labor Standards Act, but who work over 40 hours per week may be entitled to unpaid overtime.  The standard for exempt versus nonexempt status is not how the employer pays its employees, but rather a review of the job responsibilities of the employee.

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